Time to sleep or time to work? Do you want to know when your personal productivity is at its best?

Kognitivo is going to find it out for you. Only 6 minutes per day to keep your brain fit. For free, offline and without advertising.

Analyse your cognitive activity on the basis of some short games. The tests are each based on four different fields: analytical skills, attention, reaction and memory. Each of the tests doesn't take more than two minutes. As a result kognitivo will depict your daily and weekly productivity in graphs and diagams which allows you to check your daily and weekly productivity.

Joshua Burdette

Joshua Burdette: "Fun App"

Fun app for brain training games. Some spelling needs correction and an improvement to statistics table. Good amount of free games and the premium version is very reasonably priced. Just started doing some developing myself in Android SDK this would be a fun project to work on.
Christopher Cornell

Christopher Cornell: "Great app"

This app has multiple categories, training reminder (can be toggled on or off), and shows you your stats/progress. Good stuff.
Nasser Mohammed

Nasser Mohammed: "Very Challenging"

Challenging games will put your mind into a real test to unlock its full potential